100 Days of Pain day - Day 22 - Back Day

Day 22, Start of week 4, Back day,

we are continuing with the increased workload that we started last week, so now we do 4 working exercises and three working sets for each exercise,

Make sure to warm up your shoulders and back before you start. I would suggest some light assisted Pull-ups with some Side lateral raise,

Once you have done the basic warm, Make sure you do a few sets to find a proper working weight for each of your exercises,

Hanging Lat shrugs in case you don't know what they are, find a Bar to do pull-ups on, and then going to do a Shrugging movement from the bottom of the Pull-up movement, This is just moving your shoulders a few inches, using your back muscles, This will help to build the Thickness in the lower half of your Upper back muscles.

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