100 Days of Pain - Day 24 Arm Day

Day 24 Arm Day.

Everyone's Favorite day... well at least mine(this might be why I have overdeveloped Arms), Arm Day,

Most of the exercises you will know most of these, but perhaps you don't know of the Drag Curls, THese are a Standing Move mostly done on smith machine preferably, but can also be done with a regular barbell,

Use an underhand grip, and rest the bar at your hips, Now drag the bar up along your body to your chest, and lower it back down, simple as that,

By the end of this workout your arms are going to feel like they will explode, I know mine did, But that could have been due to the test product iv been using, we will release it in the upcoming months, we like to test all of our products inhouse for some time.

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