100 Days of pain - Day 23 - Chest and Shoulders

Day 23, Chest and Shoulders.

Today we are going to work Chest and shoulders; since we are hitting to muscle groups we will be doing only three working sets Per muscle group,

We are going to do the 3 Main Presses for Chest,Flat, Incline and Decline, by the end of this all the fibres in your Chest will be screaming, and your Shoulders should be pretty warmed up, at this point we will move onto the Overhead Press. Onto our Side laterally Raises, you can swap to a cable machine if this is Available if you want to get a better burn.

to blast out the Traps for the end of your workout, we are going to 3 sets of 20 Reps, Don't for a super heavyweight, as you want to make sure that you can get FULL and Slow reps, for all three sets, for most people 20KG(45LB) should be enough for this,

Don't forget you are going to be doing Abs at the end fo your workout, as well as the feeder workout at the end of tonight.

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