100 Days of pain - Day 1 - Chest Day

Welcome to Day 1 of the 100 days of pain series, 


this 1st week is a rather easy one. We are still warming the body up and getting it ready for when we start to ramp the workout up, 


Hopefully, you have been following one of our warm-up programs for this new series, and probably you have your Plan ready for this Program in terms of your diet, 


Our suggestions are to Take a series of photos during the Program, at a bare minimal, take a photo at the start of the Program, find a place in your house or Gym with good lighting, and get a nice clear picture, make a note of where this is as you will need to have the same light and position for the photos to show your progress and development truly, 


we suggest to track the following

  • Appearance with progress photos, Weekly/monthly
  • your weight as you wake up each morning
  • measurements (dependent on your goal) 

Following these three things will help you to have a better idea of your progress and the changes in your body over the Program.


We recommend to monitor your weight daily to get a better idea of how it is going when you average it out of the week, and this is because you will find that your weight will change regularly each day and have ups and downs. 


Now into the workout itself, this is a pretty easy one, and simple its a chest day, yes I know Chest on a Monday didn't see that one coming, well don't worry since we will be aiming to train six days a week this will always be changing, 


If you miss a workout, there are a few options that you can do, 

  • resume where you left off on the next day
  • continue where you left off and skip your next rest day to catch up
  • combine the workouts (advanced trainers only) to keep your weekly workout volume on track
  • If you manage you accidentally miss two weeks. we suggest starting the Program again, if it's far into the Program, then begin with week 1 for one week, then resume at the start of each phase(4-week chunks)



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