100 Days of pain - Prep Day - starting March 2nd 2020

Welcome to the Prep Day, 
First off, Lets go over what the program is and WHY you want to follow it, 
This program is 100 Days of intense workouts, Very few Rest days, and ever changing workouts, so your Body will be forced to adapt to the ever changing workouts by growing to handle this new workload
This Program is a good all rounder for your Body, it can be used to pack on some Serious Mass, shred some major pounds, or transform your Body. and is suitable for males and females, but tailored more towards males, 
This is not Newbie Friendly, This workout will require you have to trained for at least 6 months, if you have taken a break, a few warm up sessions would be a good idea before you put your body through hell with this workout program. 
I'm getting everything ready for the training program, Supplements ordered in, at home workout equipment prepered
the Key things you will need to get before we start the program, 
- LOTS of motivation and dedication, you need to be ready to put the work in every day, 
- a goal in mind, Visualize your body, at the end of this program, do you want to lose weight or build muscle or both.
- a small Dumbbell set at home for the Feeder workouts (water bottles may work as well depending on how strong you are)
- Access to a very well equipped Gym, This will come in handy when you have to do the more odd workouts
-A Diet plan to suit your goals, example,if you want to bulk, you will need a bulking diet plan that will Ramp up as you gain weight, 
- A Blender, Yes a blender, i suggest having real food post workout shakes after EVERY workout, even on keto, 
-Protein Powder, this is optional but is useful for keeping your protein take high, and will make your post workout shakes taste better. 
- Pre workout, (Check ours out https://titanlabs.com.au/products/test-product) This will help push you further in your workouts, lift heavier weights for more reps then you normal can, push your body beyond its normal limits.
- BCAA Powder (Check our BCAA powder out https://titanlabs.com.au/products/recovery-matrix )  this will help keep your Protein synthesis up, and boost your recovery time, so that you can be recovered in time for the next work out, the 1st few weeks will be easy, but as we get further in, it will get considerably more intense, 
- Creatine, (We have you covered there as well https://titanlabs.com.au/products/creatine-powder ) Creatine is a staple for any body builder, this supplement has some of the best research put into it, and proven results, and the best part, Creatine is very affordable, and easy to take, can be mixed with your Pre workout, post workout, or taken with just water on your off days.
- Liquid Egg Whites, These are a Real food protein, this is the best thing you can put in your post workout shake, if you combine this with protein powder, it will also taste way better, 
- a post workout Carb, Dont use a Dextrose solution, get Real food, Quick oats are really good, and a banna is a very good idea, another option is a breakfast cereal, but stay away from corn based and lean towards rice based,
Get Ready, There will be more posts soon, as we lead up to the start of the Program. we will go over what a feeder workout is. and WHY you should be doing them and more topics. 

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